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Can we please end this blind zealotry behind certain games and platforms? There’s no need to hunker down behind your console of choice – no need to defend your favorite games. Likewise, there’s no need to assault the preferences of your fellow gamers. We share a common bond in our respect for this medium – can’t we make an effort to respect each other as well?

Gaming appeals to an extremely large audience, with varying tastes and preferences. If you don’t like a particular game, there’s a good chance that someone else loves it. ¬†Just because they disagree, doesn’t mean they’re stupid – it just means they’re into something different.

For example – MGS4 had some wicked-long cut scenes, and an extremely confusing story. This turned a lot of gamers off, myself included. However, anytime I see an effort to discuss this topic, the two sides turn rabid and begin hurling insults at one another.

“If you want a story, go read a book, loser.”

“Psh – go back to your Halo, Xbot.”

Nothing gets accomplished, neither side learns anything, and they all walk away a bit more tired and bitter than they were before.

Hell, the same argument appears within games themselves. There are regular class vs class disputes in World of Warcraft, in which the rogues hate on the warriors, who hate on the mages, who hate on the hunters, who hate on the druids – and then everybody gangs up on the damn warlocks. Where’s the sense in that? Must we take it so far as to belittle fellow players of the same game?

I’m not asking gamers to join in a circle and hold hands – we needn’t sing “kum-baya”. I’m simply asking that we take a step back, and relax. Let’s respect each other’s opinions. Let’s participate in some intelligent discussion. Let’s have some fun.

Let’s play some games.

  1. Fanboyism roots’ is from not being able to afford all the systems currently available. As soon as I had a job I made it a point to gather all of them, so I’ve steered clear of this issue, but I hope it tones down over the years.

  2. Hey, it’s the internet. Brainless insults and pointless arguments are a part of the territory.

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