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I miss the days of the arcade. Whenever I was a pre-teen, and even a teenager my parents would drag me to the mall so my mother could go shopping at JC Penny’s. Obviously I didn’t care much about clothes, so I would take a few of the dollar bills I could scrounge up around the house and head off to the arcade.

I’m twenty-two years old now, married to a beautiful lady, and still love to go to the arcade. This weekend my wife and I were vacationing down in Branson, Missouri, and we visited one of my favorite arcades. I was disapointed when I walked in, to find that they had remodeled things drastically, and downsized the whole arcade that used to have over 50 titles available. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you out of what I played over the weekend. Shall we?


Mario Kart GP is a bit of a strange one, developed by Namco it not only has some of the top Nintendo mascots, but also Pacman and the Ghosts who try to take him down. It’s incredibly similar to the last couple of generations of Mario Kart. My wife, Stacie, and I enjoyed a couple of rounds racing each other, but I won the trophy with 1st place each time. Some of the differences that appear in this game is that you collect coins on the track to increase your speed.


Time Crisis 4 is so expensive, yet so addicting. This cooperative arcade shooter is one of the best out there, and I really wish Sony didn’t have the console version of the game tied to the Playstation. Often times I want to blow the money on the Guncon and Time Crisis 3 to just play for hour after hour at home. I’ve beaten the current iteration of Time Crisis with one of my great friends, Jason Dodson. I think we spent almost 35 bucks in tokens just to keep getting continues. It was worth it, even if we are horrible.


Yeah, big guys like me don’t belong on Dance Dance Revolution, but if you’re halfway good you tend to draw the crowd. Too bad the arcade has been practically abandoned. It’s so cool how Konami was able to turn an obscure rhythm game into a full-fledged franchise. I usually place DDR at the end, because I’m generally worn by the time it is all said and done.

I’m really bummed out that the arcade is starting to fall away. In the midwest they’re growing fewer and fewer. Perhaps this short soapbox will draw a little more attention to the fall of the arcade. I encourage you to go out and toss a few quarters into the machine and play the game that you enjoy! Try something new, and you never will know what gem you’ll find tucked away in a dark, loud little corner of the mall, or your local pizza shop.

  1. I’m glad you are even able to find an arcade these days. The bowling by my house used to have the Simpsons Arcade game but they got rid of it! I want to own that so badly.

  2. I love arcades, theres a massive one an hours drive away from me. Its got Tekken 6 in it. :3

  3. The Simpsons arcade game was awesome, as was the old Turtles game! Arcades in the UK are rubbish now-95% of the machines are fruit-machines or other gambling games, whilst the only actual games are driving or shooting based (or dancing)! This is because they can charge a lot for a game that will last 30 seconds! Where are the old-fashioned arcade styley games!

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