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iwata2Saturu Iwata has been making quite a few comments recently, perhaps after his GDC keynote, the President of Nintendo Japan is feeling a bit more relaxed when it comes to speaking with the public. Either way, he made some quotes regarding catering to all of their customers that may just be a tiny bit of salvation for all of their “hardcore” customers. It’s not a short statement, so take just a few minutes to read.

Mr. Iwata said, “The definition of what can be called a videogame has become much broader. On the other hand, our principal in the videogame industry — to develop “new” videogames in a broader sense which can surprise and make enjoy many customers as possible — has not been changed as the main issue in “continuous expansion of gaming population”.

From that viewpoint, we at Nintendo have to reflect on domestic Wii software deployment in the former half of this year. Like what had been to be released in the former half of this year was postponed to the latter, we were not able to reach the original goal – to regularly make new proposals.

As for our deployment during the latter half of this year, I would like to announce on the other day as it is not today’s main topic. I would like to address that Nintendo recognize that we have been short of new proposals during the former half of this year, so far.”

Mr. Iwata definitely is trying to ride the fence, and have the grass grow green on both sides. Can you really serve two masters?

Source: GoNintendo

  1. That sure was cryptic. I wonder what kind of announcement they have in store for us.

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