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For the past couple of months, rumours of a Wii remake of the original Silent Hill have been flying around. Ironic, then, that the article by Nintendo Power magazine confirming these rumours was published on April Fools’ Day. I didn’t believe it myself, especially after seeing Kojima’s ‘Metal Gear: Pensioner’ video, but some helpful souls have posted a few photos of the article – an interview with Silent Hill producer Tomm Hullett – by way of some proof.

Those of you fearing yet another rubbish remake can relax though, as it would seem the only thing that will be giving you sleepless nights will be the game itself. “This is a reimagining of the first Silent Hill, it’s not a remake or a port,” explains Hullet. “That’s an important distinction. It really feels like a new game.” Welcome words, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Further down the article Hullett elaborates on this a little, explaining that the game ‘watches’ you constantly, with your behaviour dictating which characters you meet, what order events will happen in, or if indeed they will happen at all. He also mentions that the Wii remote will be used to “interact directly with the environment, so the puzzles are all based around that idea,” which sounds reminiscent of Wii classic The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and if executed well, could make the new Silent Hill a formidable beast, and get the series right back on track.

There will always be criticism of companies choosing to remake old titles rather than pressing their imagination and creativity into new ones, but if Konami can tread the fine line between just sprucing up the graphics (a pointless remake) and overhauling it completely (sacrilege!) then we could be in for a real treat. I for one am relishing this prospect – I used to think that Resident Evil was scary, until I played Silent Hill. As a result of the original Silent Hill my threshold for terror is a lot higher, and no games have genuinely scared me since (and only one movie, an obscure Japanese flick called Audition – watch it at your own risk). My friends who came to gaming a lot later find it hard to believe one game can be so petrifying, and it’s about time a new generation of gamers felt that fear again – the hollow thump of your character’s heartbeat mimicking your own, the hissing static of a portable radio in the darkness, the ever-present feeling that something hideous is right behind you…


  1. “Silent Hill: Shattered Memories” sounds like the title of a disgruntled fan’s blog post to me!

    Other than that… bravo! this sounds great!

  2. I joked yesterday that as an April Fools, this game will come out, but as a light-gun game.

  3. Awesome, I am officially interested. Kudos to the Wii for getting some titles with cajones recently.

  4. Awesome. I love the first one, but how will the no combat thing work?

  5. If Konami can achieve with Shattered Memories what Capcom did with the ‘REmake’, they’ll have piqued my interest.

    Though I hope that they can carry the game’s Wii remote functionality beyond the level of the gimmick, and perhaps within sight of a more organic integration than I’ve tended to encounter thus far.

  6. avatar mkolp

    will be a silent hill s.m. pc version

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