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I’ve noticed something a little upsetting. Here’s a quick survey. Read the following name. What’s the first thing you think of?


Naturally, to many, this name means little. But I wonder, how many of you would immediately think of the Super Street Fighter II (and beyond) character of the same name, and how many would go back to that dreaded Nintendo E308 presentation, hosted by Cammie Dunaway? Until now, I considered myself to be in the former category, but apparently, I am in the latter.


Nintendo is arguable treading water at the moment. In the not too distant future, I see all too clearly Nintendo’s home-console success crashing to the ground like a lead balloon, held by a lead child… in a lead plane. So naturally, at times as troublesome as these, the fingers of blame are pointed wildly in all directions. But who exactly is to blame? Marketing surely needs a boot up the buttocks for what it’s done to the Wii’s image. But Nintendo is a company where people come first. More to the point, Nintendo is a company with its people on the firing line.

Among some of the more recognizable public faces of Nintendo are the aforementioned Cammie Dunaway and the terrifyingly huge Reggie Fils-Aime. Cammie has perhaps received the most flack of the two, somewhat unfairly, seeing as she has the daunting task of representing Nintendo’s entire female market. But man is she creepy. They both are. They’re like a couple of super-advanced R.O.B.’s, both verging on becoming self-aware and enslaving the entire human race. However, both of them are trained in the art of “bull”, regardless of whether it is bull-true or otherwise, so it’s more or less part of their job to be hated once in a while. I was pretty surprised by all this Star Fox business though:

“Whenever I speak to Miyamoto about Star Fox, he says it’s not meant to be just a flying, sci-fi shooting game. It’s meant to be anything we want to think up. But the core fans don’t want that, but Miyamoto doesn’t really care about that. He wants to make what he wants to make, so he just goes ahead and gets it done.” – Dylan Cuthbert

Cuthbert currently has three Star Fox games under his belt, and while his comments have since been proven to have been blown out of proportion, it made me think. I’ve always considered Miyamoto to be a great man. A genius if you want to go that far. But I’m also willing to admit that my praises may be no more than a knee-jerk reaction. Regardless of this legendary status, does Miyamoto really bypass the blame-game?

A healthy portion of Nintendo’s glory is undoubtedly down to Miyamoto, the man responsible for such staple Nintendo trademarks as Mario and Link. Recently, however, his name has been more synonymous with Wii Fit, which was a bit “hmm”, and Wii Music, which was a bit more “urghhh!”. The general concern seems to be that Miyamoto may be placing his own enjoyment of games before enjoyment of the general public. “Fit” was inspired by his own desire to get healthy, and “Music” was inspired similarly. I still don’t believe Wii Fit’s success is down to the quality of the actual game itself. It’s more of a lesson in the power of advertising… and fluke.

In short, Miyamoto’s relentless personal ambitions may be a little detrimental to a company that so desperately needs to listen to the desires of it’s customers. I’ve always admired the man, purely for the fact that he’s obviously a gamer and not just a glorified car-salesman [sinister glare towards Reggie]. But labours of love are a concept long lost at sea, thrashing amongst the waves of the corporate nightmare that is the modern games market. For a while yet, Nintendo and it’s Wii will remain bullet-proof. I’m just concerned the reigns aren’t being passed around enough. I want to see Cammie in charge – “It worked! Right! Let’s talk Carmageddon 4 guys.”

Survey number two – Shigeru Miyamoto. Yay or nay? Vote now.

  1. Who is this Cammie chick?

    • avatar Fabio

      I would most definitely remecmond Wii Fit, Mario Sonic at the Olympic Games, Wii Sports, an maybe Wii Music/Guitar Hero World Tour.As for walking, I don’t know if the Step Aerobics on the Wii Fit counts you can always just walk up the stairs and down for no apparent reason

  2. My girlfriend and her mum got a Wii and Wii Fit the other day. I never thought I’d see them having so much fun with anything to do with video games – it made my day. For this very reason, Miyamoto is a genius.

    I can’t see the Wii crashing and burning any time soon, the announcement of Wii Sports Resort suring it up for another year or two at least.

    Judging by the sales of Wii Fit, I doubt Miyamoto placing his own enjoyment in front of what the public wants is an issue.

    • avatar Ayman

      I only bought the Wii now, even tughoh it has been out for years. I really wish I had bought one sooner. It is cheaper than PS3 (the console I would normally buy if I had to get just 1), but I don’t like the collection of games PS3 has right now. They definitely have more, but I feel like the games are mostly geared towards guys, and they’re missing the cute games like Mario that I grew up on. This bundle comes with Wii Sports and Sports Resort, which are incredibly fun. If you’re not one to go out and play sports, this is the next best thing. Nintendo Wii is affordable for most people too unlike the PS3. Definitely recommended for adults and kids alike.

  3. @Steven

    Cammie was the “soccer mom” who gave Nintendo’s absolutely terrible E3 2008 presentation. It went down as the worst out of all of them from what was generally a pretty poor E3 in general.

  4. I’m truly happy so many people have embraced gaming, but I don’t even want to see an E3 presentation like last year’s Nintendo one again.

  5. I don’t think Nintendo will make the same mistake twice.

  6. Miyamoto has always said that he designs games that he likes to play. For example, Zelda was based on his own childhood experiences exploring the “wilderness” area behind his home. It was his own joy of childhood exploration that he tried to pass to audiences through playing the The Legend of Zelda. I think this same philosophy guides him today. Wii Fit and Wii Music are examples of this.

    Since my interests don’t always align with the interests of Miyamoto, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Miyamoto (and Nintendo in general). I think he’s brilliant, and I have a hard time finding fault with him from a business POV, but his and Nintendo’s games as of late really haven’t appealed to me. That said, I know a lot of people who are enjoying Nintendo products, so I say good for them.

    • avatar Melani

      The Ninadtendo Wii staradted the revoadluadtion of moveadment priadmaadrily based gaming maagne, but they had been not the iniadtially. The Sony PS3 remoadtes have had gyrosadcoadpes in the remote way in advance of the Wii was launched, but the comadprehenadsive freeaddom that Ninadtendo made with their WiiadMote has not been beat because. For Ninadtendo Wii folloadwers this new way to handle the game proadcess, is not only revoadluadtioadnary, but also a incadreaddibly immeradsive gaming encounadter. There has never ever been a mainsadtream gaming proadcess that has brought the comadplete loved ones into the gaming motion the way that the Ninadtendo Wii has in the full backadground of conadsole gaming.

  7. avatar Unknown

    To be honest, can we really look at WiiFit as the same vein as video games?

    As for Wii Music, the problem was not the concept but was really the work that was put into it (aka lackluster). Perhaps they actually tried pushing harder towards the finish line instead of enjoying last place in terms of effort, perhaps it might have been praised.

    • avatar Lia

      What’s the difference beewten Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort?besides wii motionplus, like what are all of the sports in wii sports resort? and should i sell the original wii sports to get wii sports resort?

    • avatar Courtney

      Problem was it was always that one post. Theres a lot of prmoelbs with the post- no French person Ive asked has ever heard of this superstar host Bruno de la Palme (he got one hit on Google without any bio), no French TV show has 16 million viewers except maybe the World Cup, etc. . When questioned a few times, his board moderator oh, it was never shown (that was never mentioned before in a dozen years of it circulating ) implying that the evil French thought it put Parker in too good a light. Then Parker said he had a tape of it, but it was in non-conforming format Oh, and maybe he misplaced it during office move. But he hoped to find to relive the glory. Just search Bruno de la Palme on You can form your own opinions of validity of the oft-repeated French TV story. Ill just say double blind is a lot harder than single blind, and that at the EWS tastings its all wines he has tasted within last couple years.

  8. @Unknown
    Apart from the “routine” aspect of Wii Fit, I think we can look at it in the same vein in regards to the mini-games found in it. A lot of them model Wii-Play/other titles found on the Wii.

  9. Shigsy is so awesome <3

  10. avatar Sigma

    Considering that he’s been the lead for nearly one hundred games and only one of them has failed to sell over a million units I’d say that Mr. Miyamoto is doing pretty good. His ability to make diverse gameplay and create new worlds that are accessible to all age groups and the concept of making a game for fun is an inspiration to most designers.

    I think Jonny Pratt should consider how many games he’s made and his basic understanding of how a company achieves success.

  11. avatar Anonymous

    I say nay. The guy is obviously up in the clouds with his own ideas right now, and it’s affecting the Nintendo consumer base.
    Getting new people to play is great, but now they keep dumbing down games that were from the start geared at the core players.
    Nintendo and Miyamoto must start understanding – there IS a difference between new gamers and hard-core gamers and that barrier will never collapse until new gamers becomes hard-core gamers. Don’t sacrifice one or the other – please both! But lately it seems that Miyamoto is working on only stuff that all hard core players look at with contempt and I believe that Miyamoto is one of the keys that made Nintendo go down this stupid path.
    I once liked Nintendo. Now that has been replaced with contempt.

    • avatar Medsou

      Since they made the Wii U will they still make games for the orignal Wii?i boghuat a wii a year ago and now they have the wii u. Since they made the Wii U will they still make games for the orignal Wii?

  12. avatar Tom

    It’s a shame but my vote would be nay for Miyamoto. Nintendo has taken their already unstable brand name with their fans and watered it down even more. The Zelda and Mario series are fantastic but Miyamoto forgets that while those games were accessable they also had depth to them and evolved with their fans over the years. The phrase “easy to learn hard to master” comes to mind here, which is something Nintendo as a whole seems to have forgot. You can’t take your established market and force them to downgrade from the level they were at (in terms of depth and gameplay) it would be like making a 30 yr old drink his Starbucks coffee from a bottle. And to do this just so you can expand the market? In essence what Nintendo is doing is just swaping consumers (casual for core if you will) not expanding. Though much like their other consoles I doubt they will relaize their mistake until it’s too late and as usual at the expense of their fans and what is already a weak ‘hardcore’ third party support.

  13. avatar Abdon

    Gunstar Heroes is an awesome game to dolnaowd, and if you want a game chock full of minigames that are fun, I would recommend Rayman Raving Rabbids or Super Monkey Ball Bannana Blitz. If you want a shooter, Red Steel, and Call of duty 3 are good, but Red Steel has multiplayer, and Call of Duty dosent. Super Mario 64 is a good dolnaowd too. If you want a racing game, I would recommend Excite Truck, and Madden 07 is very good, and I prefer it best on the Wii then any other console. Elebits is also fun.

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