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Well, it’s not really that bloody.  More bloody as in the British adjective slang.  Grammatical nuances aside, Holmes and Watson are at it again in this upcoming adventure game from Frogwares studio.  In Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper, we pick up with the masters of mystery as the nefarious murderer is in the infancy of his torrid killing spree.  More after the bloody jump.

Basically we have Holmes and his life partner Watson scouring the alleys of Whitechapel looking for clues regarding the string of recent murders.  While searching the dim allies and speaking with dodgy characters, Holmes will strive to uncover the Ripper’s true identity to expose the evil criminal once and for all.

The sleuthing action can be experienced via either first or third person gameplay.  By flipping between each view mode on the fly, the player might stumble upon some overlooked clues.  This new mechanic could allow for deep immersion into a game that looks to ooze a creepy atmostphere.

Prepare to stumble upon the blood trail in May for PC, and towards the end of the year for the Xbox 360 version.

Why do I think this game won’t gain as much heat as GTAIV for featuring the murder of prostitutes?  Why do famous literary characters get a free pass for hooker homicide?  The world is a topsy-turvey, mixed up place.

Source: Destructoid

  1. I just want to play so I can listen to British accents for hours on end. Plus, it looks like this game may have the world’s largest hooker. Yum.

  2. I’m really interested in this whole thing… I went to a Jack the Ripper exhibition a hiwl back. Police clues and pictures of his victims etc… Very eerie. I’ll be going on the Ripper walk soon, where they show you all the places he frequented.

    I’ve been known to drink in his “local” in Whitechapel… well, the place where he picked up all his prossies anyway.

    But I don’t have a PC or a 360 so this will never be solved.

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