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Ah, the Saturn. It seems just like yesterday when I was having yet another bash through Guardian Heroes. Oh wait, it was yesterday. Yep, I still play my Saturn on a regular basis. I’m one of them guys that used to buy into every first party Sega game and praise it to the high heavens telling everybody about its cult status. Unfortunately the stupid general public – yes I’m pointing at you – didn’t support it enough and it died a painful death. So on this very day, for no reason at all, I’m going to explain why this console is superior to the wagglefest we’re stuck with today.


die hard arcade

Creating a good game based on a film is so rare these days. Back in the day they were coming out left, right and centre, hitting you square in the face with their goodness. If somebody described Die Hard Arcade to you as a 3D, side scrolling beat ‘em up with a few quick time events thrown in, it wouldn’t motivate you to get off your fat arse and buy the bloody thing. But with DHA, it just worked.


shining force 3

Forget about Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem or that other one that everybody talks about, this is the daddy of turn based strategic game play. Not much changed from the previous titles but that’s a good thing. Sega don’t like to mess with the formula. This game didn’t need any tacked on gimmick like a water gun or talking boat. It stuck to it’s guns and delivered yet another compelling story full of charming characters that you actually cared about.


saturn bomberman

Ten player Bomberman. Enough said. NEXT!


dragon force

Right, Sega, why!? Why did you release the only sequel to one of my favorite strategy games ever exclusively in Japan? Are we westerners too stupid to “get” it? Ugh, anyway this was another Strategy/RPG game released on the Saturn that distinctively felt like a Sega game. Giving you command of hundreds of troops ranging from your common soldiers to mythical dragons, you get to watch with glee as both army’s mash together in an epic pile up.


guardian heroes

I remember when I paid a visit to my friends house and watched him play Guardian Heroes for the first time in awe. I would’ve gladly watched him play for another few hours or days until my stupid brain noticed that co-op play was available. Stupid brain. You’d be mistaken for thinking that this was a mindless, button mashing beat ‘em up. Using the Streets of Rage template, GH was full to the brim with colourful backdrops, contrasting characters, branching story lines, RPG style levelling up and a skeleton brandishing golden armour and a sword that would fit the company of Soul Calibur.


daytona usa

Gentlemen, start your engines. If you decided to cut Daytona with a knife it would bleed arcade. Everything about it reminds me of sharing sweaty joysticks with fellow sweaty nerds at the local arcade. Pleasant memories. Even though it was shockingly hard to get first place on the oval track, it didn’t lack in the fun department.


panzer dragoon saga

If you mention the Saturn to any fan, you’ll find yourself instantly deafened by their loud screeches about how good Panzer Dragoon Saga was. He’s (never a she, she people don’t like the Saturn) right though. It’s a classic that should be inducted into the Oxford English dictionary under the word biblical. The on-rails shooter genre never really grabs my attention for long enough nor does it excite me but this game is an exception. Rez says thank you.


sonic r

What the? Have I just glued two bricks together and repeatedly bashed them against my skull until I’m so much like a vegetable, I become obsessed with Johnny Depp and listen to R’nB music? No I’ve not turned into a moron, I actually think this game is fun. Nothing more. Maybe I was fooled into liking it because it has the Sonic brand slapped onto it before the series turned sour. Vocal soundtrack, bad, interesting track layouts and gorgeous visuals, good.


segata sanshiro

One of the most insane yet hilarious characters to be ever created on Gods green Earth. For anybody unlucky enough not to know what I’m talking about, Segata was used to advertise the Saturn in Japan. How does he promote the console? By harshly punishing anybody who doesn’t own one like some sort of evil dictator. From throwing you until you explode to his eventual death by jumping onto a rocket aimed at Sega headquarters and deflecting it into outer space, it was a stroke, nay, a punch to the face of genius.

  1. Wow, Guardian Heroes. There’s a lot of good things to be said about that game….this piece makes me sad.

  2. avatar duffman

    right on i loved my sega saturn but sold it i have a sega dreamcast though and still play that from time to time . go sega

  3. avatar duffman

    i forgot panzer dragoon saga is my rated number 1 rpg of all time no other rpg come close. but i think fable is my new favourite rpg

  4. avatar Wolfie

    You forgot the nigh-on-perfect port of Sega Rally! Stuff the dodgy sequel on the Dreamcast, the Saturn version was far superior. And for a bit of retro-gaming, Sega Ages was pretty spot-on too. I still dig my Saturn out every now and then for these two plus Daytona, while my PS1, GC and DC gather dust.

  5. The Saturn was underapriciated in my view. Great to see Saturn Bomberman getting a mention, I loved that game, and it took a lot to get me and my mates of the game.

    Shame there’s been no mention of the first console port of House of Dead, loved that game also, but it’s a really great article.

  6. Yeah I missed a few games but that’s because I was too poor to buy them all at the time. Didn’t even play the holier than thou: Nights.

    Sonic R > Sega Rally

  7. avatar Syphadeous

    Hell yea!!! SEGA ROCKS!!! I dedicated my life to Sega spending countless arguments to all the Nintendo groupies that Sega had a far superior machine… Sega needs to get their game back and re-enter the market and kick some serious ass!!

  8. Sonic R was terrible, and you know it mate ;)

  9. avatar James

    I love the Sega Saturn. Anything the PS1 had the Saturn could usually equal it. My fav games

    Sega Rally
    Nights/Xmas Nights
    X-men Vs Streetfighter
    Sonic R/Sonic Jam
    Tomb Raider
    House of the Dead/Virtua Cop 2
    Fighers Megamix
    Duke Nukem/Quake/Deathtank

  10. avatar James C

    Hey guys anybody have any marathon sessions with Athlete Kings or Winter Heat.

  11. The Saturn is probably the most underrated console of all time! Fighters Megamix, Sonic R, Xmas Nights and let’s not forget MR BONES!!

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