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Both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark are titles that will forever be heralded as the top two first person shooters for the Nintendo 64. A sleuth from Xbox360Achievements has discovered what they believe could be a slip of the image. If you’ll look closely at the picture above, the arrow is pointing to what looks to be Joanna Dark, the protagonist from Perfect Dark.

Microsoft was contacted for a comment, but the only response that they gave was, “We have nothing to announce at this time.”

Take a look at the zoomed in image below and tell us what you think. Personally? I hope it is true.


  1. Forget perfect dark, Goldeneye!

  2. I’d buy it the second I could.

  3. @Tim
    100% agree, even though I’d never get any work done, the idea of getting some multiplayer Goldeneye going on over Xbox Live, I’m slightly hopping on my seat at the thought of it. And any time this sentiment is mentioned people bring up Goldeneye Source project, but it’s not the same.

  4. avatar Porter Tores

    that is what i was contemplating ninth of nov wasn’t out of this entire world

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