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In the past few hours, UK video game retail website have provided rather concrete evidence that we could well be witnessing the release of a Marvel Vs Capcom game this year. “How have they gone and done that?”, I hear you cry… by advertising a Marvel Vs Capcom 2 arcade stick, that’s how.

The listing, which, as you’d expect, has since been taken down, claimed the product – a Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Tournament Edition stick – would become available July 10, leading conspiracy theorists like myself to suggest that gamers could well be treated to the title through PSN and XBLA at around the same time.

Capcom’s Captivate event is coming up next week, so you never know what we may hear then… You just can’t get the staff these days, can you? Or was this merely a clever PR stunt?

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  1. I’ll buy this game day one if it is downloadable.

    • avatar Willyan

      Nice blog guys! Thank you for all the awesomeness cinomg our way, really looking forward to next month. Zen Pinball has expired for me from PS+ but i’m buying a PS Vita for my birthday next month, and Zen Pinball 2 will be my first purchase for it. Keep the epic games cinomg! Gray & Janna

  2. Sweet Flowers of Algernon! Hope it is not just an elaborate rumour, as I’m quite excited at this prospect. With SFIV having such a unique and amazing art style, would be interesting to see if they mirror the graphical update.

  3. I literally bought a Dreamcast just to get this game, and I also bought MVSC2 right before it got rare. So glad that it’s still sitting in my closet if I wanted. Online play will be “nice”, but if you haven’t mastered the game, be prepared to get your house wrecked by Storm/Mag/Sent or Cable chip pros all day long.

  4. I would definitely be on board for this one. Good news indeed.

  5. I’m not really big into this game, but as a person who’s into the competitive fighting game community, I’ll be really glad if this happens. The only arcade perfect port of this game was on the Sega Dreamcast, and it’s very hard to get enough Dreamcasts to hold this game at a major tourney. The demand is definitely there, from both casual players and hardcore players, so to not do this at some point just seems absurd to me.

  6. Please, oh please Capcom! I know I would be destroyed by Storm/Mag/Sent, but I would enjoy every second of it!

  7. avatar Name (Required)

    Hope they update the hit boxes, and Captain America the insanely over powered bastard.

  8. avatar Ferahtsu

    Hope they update the hit boxes, and Captain America the insanely over powered bastard.

  9. avatar shoryucannon

    its about time. now if only hyper streetfighter alpha was available for xbla, not alpha 3 but the 1 like streetfighter anniversary, where u pick any version of games, and plus that darkstalkers/ vampire chronicles for matching service should be online. that game rocks!!! and bring capcom vs snk2 back to xbla from old xbox that was the first online fighter that made online battles memorable, i was the first cat on their parrying everything!! sf3 should also be xbla but i heard its backward compatable. but its unbelievable that this game has emerged online!! i love u capcom, u make the lonliness from break-ups time well spent on the joysticks!!!

  10. avatar Anonymous


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