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With the recent influx of media I find this rumor hard to believe. The credibility of the source is hard to refute, and it looks like Batman: Arkham Asylum could be delayed until Holiday 09.

According to the folks at Game Informer, the latest series in the Batman world is going to be delayed until Holiday 2009. A Warner Bros. representative has said no comment on the question as to if the release date of June 23rd is still a valid release date. Sorry, Batman fans. Looks like you won’t be committed to Arkham until this Christmas if this holds together.

Source: Game Informer

  1. I don’t know, Game Informer really hasn’t been the best Magazine to depend on but who knows. Let’s hope it’s wrong!

  2. It’s one thing when a gaming website says something, but when a magazine does I tend to listen more.

  3. Let them take their time. The longer you polish something, the brighter it shines. Also, it gives me a chance to catch up on the slew of other games before me.

  4. Will all the reporting I’ve been doing on this game, I hope it’s not delayed!

  5. In terms of saving money, this is good for me right now…. But I’m looking forward to it too much to really care about that. So, I’ll just say:


  6. Was it EGM or Game Informer that had the Rumor Mill section? I can’t remember which, but those things were always surprisingly accurate. They practically announced the two recent Castlevania games, for example. Uhh, I guess my point is, if it’s coming from there, I’d believe it!

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