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THQ’s Red Faction: Guerrilla is set on Mars. Does this story really need any follow-up or addtional content of any kind following that statement? OK, well seeing as you’re still reading, you should know that the demo for this open-world, third-person adventure is now available to all PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE users.

The press and consumer buzz for Red Faction: Guerrilla continues to build, as gamers prepare for a new standard in open-world, destruction-based game-play,” said Kevin Kraff, vice president of worldwide marketing, THQ. “The single-player demo will give consumers an exciting taste of what the full game will offer on June 2nd.”

The demo contains one mission from the game’s campaign, which is set 50 years after the original Red faction. You assume the role of freedom fighter Alec Mason and, with the help of the GeoMod 2.0 Destruction Engine, developer Volition have given you the ability to manipulate realistic physics and complex building structure formation in order to cause mass destruction. This is to make for a diverse and customised outcome throughout various sections of the story mode. By the way, did I mention that the Ostrich hammer April fool’s joke wasn’t a joke and it’s set on Mars?

Source: THQ press release

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  1. Ah no, I really want to try this, but my 360 decided to go and give itself the dreaded E74 error! Thankfully, I shall be repairing it tomorrow!

  2. Hmmm, I’ve heard some pretty bad things about this game. I’m curious.

  3. Geomod was so fun on the PS2. It could have only gotten better. I can’t wait to try this out.

  4. I’ll be D’loading it tomorrow.. may do some impressions on it too.

  5. avatar RedFac

    its trully going to be good but takeshi what bad things have u heard ??

  6. avatar RedFac

    we spent ages working on the GeoMod what did u guys think of the destruction pls tell

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