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One of the biggest concerns that fans had about Punch-Out for the Wii is that it would just be the same game with motion controls, and pretty graphics. That concern has been debunked by none other than Toy’s R Us. Although Nintendo wanted to keep the lid on this a bit longer, the information has been leaked.

Punch-Out for the Wii will include a secondary mode that will unlock after you finish the single player campaign. It is called The Defence Mode. After you lay the smack-down in the single player campaign, this will unlock allowing you to play boxers that have learned from their mistakes and are out to kick your butt. This is an exciting addition to the game, because more likely than not the real fun will begin after you’ve earned the top title!

  1. Higher difficulty does not computer with Wii user base.

  2. With the Wii’s affinity for “innovation” maybe someone will jump out of the TV and punch you in the mouth. That would be entertaining.

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