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psp1Perhaps Sony’s announcement of a new model, or new generation of PSP is coming a bit sooner than they anticipated. Although this is all set as a RUMOR for now, it looks like the PSP Go! may be the real deal.

The at1up podcast, which has just been edited to exclude all information about the PSP Go!, gave fairly detailed explanation of what the PSP Go! is, and it’s definitely a new version of the hardware. What will essentially be the PSP-4000, the Go! model is said to include a sliding screen to reveal the buttons. Although nothing is certain, the staffers at 1up have at least seen, and possibily played with the PSP Go!

The new hardware has dropped the UMD drive, and uses only alternative storage solutions. What looks to be happening is that the PSP will become a download-only piece of hardware, with koisks in stores to rip the UMD to a storage device. All this is set for rumor as of now, but my gut feeling is that it is more than likely true. The addition of the Go! makes one wonder if some sort of GPS will be included.

Source: Kotaku

  1. Body Massage Machine GO!

  2. niiiice. I hope they have one at E3 i can somehow steal…

  3. eh, I doubt it. it’s all been the same stuff just with different names.

  4. Want… new… PSP…
    I keep putting off getting a 3000 because im expecting a new one to be announced

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