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Aah, Lovely!

Outrun Online Arcade, the visually overhauled version of the classic Sega arcade game, will be hitting the Xbox Live Arcade service this week at 800 Microsoft points ($10.00).

The game is based on the 2006 Ps2, PsP, and Xbox title known as Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast and features 6 player online multiplayer.  The original Outrun was created by esteemed designer Yu Suzuki. The game was highly influential in both the graphical presentation of the “Super Scaler” technology used in Suzuki’s previous game Hang-On, and the physical presentation of it’s car shaped arcade cabinet.

No matter how good this game ends up being, it sure looks pretty!

Outrun Online Arcade

Source: Major Nelson

  1. It is a pretty darn looking game. I spent a lot of time with Hang On as a kid and these other old racers. I wasn’t good at them then, and I’m not good at them now. Maybe I’ll give the demo a spin.

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