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Ace Attorney, a long-running adventure game series from Japan, got its start in the United States and Europe only after the series had already seen three installments. The first game in the series made waves upon its 2005 release, selling much better than anyone could have anticipated.

In 2008, the rest of the video game world finally caught up to Japan in terms of installments released. However, for quite some time, there has been talk of a new game in Japan. While it’s set for a May release in the land of the rising sun, the rest of us haven’t heard so much as a peep about an international release. That is, until today.

An interesting photo popped up yesterday on, the largest Ace Attorney fansite in English. The image was taken at Capcom’s Captivate ’09 Europe event:


Pay special attention to the upper right corner of the photo, which contains part of an Ace Attorney logo, wherein the word at the bottom appears to be “Investigations.” The name “Ace Attorney Investigations” has been trademarked for roughly a month; but, trademarked names are very flimsy evidence that a game will actually be released. However, with this picture as supplementary evidence, it appears that a new Ace Attorney game will be announced very soon – perhaps even as soon as tomorrow at 8:00 AM PST, when the embargo on information revealed at Captivate 09′ will be lifted.

So, what is this new game? In all likelihood, Ace Attorney Investigations will be American/European name for Gyakuten Kenji, or “Turnabout Prosecutor.” Gyakuten Kenji is the newest game in the Ace Attorney series, set to be released in Japan in about one month. It’s a spinoff game that features series protagonist Phoenix Wright’s rival, Miles Edgeworth, as the protagonist.

The game features Edgeworth investigating crime scenes in a manner similar to other Ace Attorney games, but with a few new features, such as the ability to combine known facts about a case to make reasonable deductions about the case without having to hear it directly from a witness. Edgeworth will also be able to interrogate people at the crime scenes. This plays out similarly to the series’ trial phases in which the player listens to a witness’s account of events, and uses evidence from their investigation to point out contradictions in their testimony.

If this news post has your curiosity piqued, be sure to check out Capcom-Unity and other news sites starting tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM PST – it’s only a matter of time before we hear something about it. Or, if you need a little extra something to get hyped, you can check out the flash demo (just click on the link and hit the button that says “WEB” on it), complete with a text translation compiled by the maintainer of Court Records.


Source: Court Records

  1. Objection! I absolutely love these games!!! If you haven’t played them…do yourself a favor and find them.

  2. No kidding. Even my my friends who try to act too cool to play video games like Ace Attorney. It’s a sure shot.

  3. avatar Thien Doan

    I love this game! I always wanted to be like those guys

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