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Capcom gearing up for the epic release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite have released a public service announcement, detailing how ‘awesome’ the game is in Japan.

Slightly annoying host and I’m not quite sure if they are aiming to get a viral video or just a slightly comedic ‘history of’, but nonetheless at least they are trying something different.

[flv: 600 450]

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is one of the biggest portable games in Japan, entering into Pokemon’s level of addictiveness, and according to Capcom’s blog it caused a productivity drop across Japan when it was released.

Monster Hunter: FU developed by Capcom is being released in the West in July of 2009, a meer 3 months wait from now.

  1. The most brilliant part is when it cuts to people playing the game, and the first person is just playing Guitar Hero.

  2. this game is amazing, really worth a try to those who have never played it.

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