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Back several months ago news hit the Internet that Microsoft was erasing gamerscore from accounts that were linked to cheating. While you would think people would have learned their lesson, it looks like Microsoft is bringing down the giant eraser of doom again.

Major Nelson let us all know that Microsoft has begun banning, and erasing gamerscore for people involved in exploiting Gears of War 2 in order to gain their precious achievements. Gamerscore is a way to increase the life of a game, not grow your e-pen0r. Don’t y’all remember the last guy who did this? Either way, the Big M is cracking down. I guess they really do monitor Xbox LIVE afterall!

Source: Major Nelson’s Blog

  1. As “terrible” as this sounds, Gamerscore merely grants bragging rights. Microsoft never followed through with their contests and rewards they had planned based off the number of points you had gained. People exploiting games for achievements are simply whores.

    But by wiping their gamerscores, M is able to keep a hold over their addicts who most likely will begin their achievements squandering from the bottom.

  2. Gamerscore is an odd beast. Who would go through all the trouble for such intangible benefits?

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