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From my random trolling over the internets today I stumbled across this awesome find, a Mega Man bead craft project.




If you live in Norway you can find it somewhere in Stavanger, western Norway, although no doubt it would probably of been stolen by now. Heck even I would be tempted to take one of the Mega Mans.

More images can be found here. Credit belongs to darth_kettch, great job!

  1. avatar Name (Required)

    I am a big fan of that there art. I wish that Wily was a bit more colorful, yet then again, I don’t know if I could ever do this.

    I love me some Blue Bomber.

  2. avatar Impressed

    That is kickass! how long would that have taken, long live 8-bit!

  3. avatar Temp

    I hope no children were date raped via ingestion of these things.

  4. Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen all week :)

  5. Mega Man is my hero.

  6. avatar Darth_Kettch

    Thank you for the positive feedback, much appreciated :)

  7. avatar Gabriela

    Seems quite cheap its 8 quid on the psn store I wonder why it is so cheap? I have a feeinlg they aren’t selling the game in shops its just one you can download I think there just testing it out at the moment and seeing if it sells well and if it does they will make another game which would be a lot better. I think I’m gona download this it seems like a good game, it’s nice to see some new ideas.

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