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Although this isn’t a surprise to many, perhaps it will go a long way to relieve your fears and let you know that your beloved Mass Effect 2 will be showcased at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 2-4. One of the developers had an interesting tidbit about the fate of Colonel Shepard to share on his blog. Hit the jump to hear what he had to say.

Casey Hudson, the Executive Producer over at Bioware, had something to say concerning the good Colonel. He said, “Oh, and I’ve heard some rumors that Commander Shepard is dead. Better not be. We had a lot of big plans made, so if someone’s gone and killed Shepard then things are going to take an unexpected turn…”

Although this could mean a lot of things, we’ll have to just wait and see what happens when they give a full demonstration of the game this summer at E3.

Source: IGN Blog for Casey Hudson

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing anything more about Mass Effect 2. I’ve been itching to replay the first one again.

  2. I never even played Mass Effect 1

  3. Can’t wait to hear anything new about this game! The first one was pretty good, hopefully they made it better like I don’t know made a much easier and better Inventory system!

  4. Hate is a very strong word…

  5. avatar Rasheeda Kornrumpf

    Scary now i will never obtain an individual again

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