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An HD update to the 1983 classic platformer Lode Runner will be arriving onto the XBLA service this week for the hefty price of 1200 points ($15.00).  Among the updated visuals the game will receive Live Co-Op treatment for all of the numerous levels, plus competitive multiplayer and the ability to create your own levels.

Gaming history buffs will recognize Lode Runner as the pioneer of user generated content, in 1983 it was one of the first games to feature a level editor.  It also spawned numerous competitions sponsored by the media to see who could make the best level.  For the uninitiated, Lode Runner is similar to both Pac Man and Donkey Kong.  The player escapes enemies whilst grabbing tokens on the map similar to our yellow chomping friend, while he also scales ladders and tightropes to reach the top of the level for the exit ala our mustachioed comrades initial adventures.

What separates Lode Runner from other games that came after it is its unique digging mechanic, which allows you to not only trap enemies, but unearth the tokens you need to exit the large number of levels.  Regardless, the game looks promising, though the merits of it’s level creator will really give the verdict on whether the seemingly high price is warranted.

Source: Destructoid

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    Lode Runner was one of my first experiences with platforming. I remember it being very, very difficult.

  2. It’s true, even the second level is ridiculously hard

  3. I was never able to play the early version of this, and with the $15 price tag…I won’t be playing the new one either.

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