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I just wanted to let y’all know that the “LimitCast” is still looking for a true name. We’re going to open it up to you, the listeners, to help us name our flagship podcast. Jump over to this thread in the forums to hear more about it. Now onto the important part…

This week you’ll be joined by Steve, Vincent, and Clance as we discuss all the games we’ve been playing. We make some reasonably inciteful comments on the new releases coming out, geekout over the Ghostbusters opening cinematic, and absolutely obsess over Christian Bale. We also talk about what gives value to a $60.00 video game, and what games should be made into movies.

Download the show here!

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  1. Three men goo-gahing over Christian Bale? Sounds like my type of entertainment!

  2. avatar Name (Required)

    Best one yet loved it

  3. good show how about “The Limit”

  4. …..ohh and I would buy a forest gump MMO

  5. avatar Name (Required)

    Great show guys :D

  6. Thanks guys… BYW, when my mic goes all funky and you can’t hear a word I’m saying, I’m talking about MGS4!

  7. @BS Wrestler… I may write up a petition of some kind for a Forrest Gump MMO to be made. Either that or just the best damn action-adventure we’ve ever had.

  8. avatar Jack

    Good work, guys. Sounded like you had a good time this week. I’m a weird sort of way a Forrest Gump game makes sense to me…

  9. avatar Jack

    In a wierd sort of way* :o s

  10. Im sad I couldnt make it. :(

  11. We’re sad you couldn’t make it too.

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