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There comes a time in everyone’s life where changes are made, and evolution takes place. With some of the changes that have taken place on the website, the thought was that our flagship podcast would change as well. With a new host, and renewed energy we bring you the LimitBreak Podcast. Well, we were going to rename the podcast, and we ran into a bit of trouble. Jump in and allow me to explain!

There was a decision made among the editorial and writing staff to change the name of our podcast to something else. Limit Break was suggested, and we went with it. In our excitement we did not take the time to research the name, and come to find out it was taken by another website. We’re going to go ahead and reboot the numbers, and you still might see a name change in the near future. We’re just going to call it The LimitCast Episode One for now. Next week we might have “SomethingCast Episode 2″.

Join your new host Steve, along with Cloud, Clance, and Vincent as we discuss the latest and greatest in gaming news. From driving around South Africa, to how many Wii’s have sold worldwide, we go off on every tangent imaginable and actually end up talking about all sorts of things: March NPDs included. Want to know our dream E3 prediction, or what our favorite game power-up is? Listen up and enjoy!

We’re dedicated to improve not only the content quality, but the audio quality of the show. We’ve still a few bugs to work out, but things are going to come together! Please leave feedback in the forums, or right here in the comments!

Download LimitCast Episode 1: Don’t shoot my Jeep!

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  1. avatar Mona Lisa

    Nice work, dudes!

  2. avatar Jack

    Nice job, guys. One problem: needs more Clance.

  3. Haha I can’t get over

    “How does Wolverine know who Peter Parker’s parents are?!”

  4. avatar Jack

    The Halo Wars story brought a tear to my eye.

  5. Spiderman’s parents were secret agents, and met Wolverine through doing that. Don’t doubt Wolverine :P

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