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Although there are a growing amount of ways to save the world from zombies, one of the favorites is Valve’s ever-evolving Left 4 Dead. The first downloadable content pack for L4D was announced months ago, and we have finally arrived.

The free Survival Pack DLC arrives on Xbox 360 tomorrow “at roughly 2 A.M. PST,” bringing the the fast-paced survival mode to all of the  zombie-killers alongside the eagerly anticipated addition of the Dead Air and and Death Toll campaigns to Versus. PC owners will have to wait, but, assuming all goes to plan, not for long. According to Valve, the PC debut of the free add-on is “targeted for release later in the day.”

  1. I wish more companies would give away DLC for free. I’m sick of being nickled and dimed for horse armor, among other things.

  2. You’re not being nickled and dimed unless you actually pay for that kind of arbitrary content.

    Oh yeah, and Microsoft needs to pass Valve through verification a little faster. It’s Valve for crying out loud.

  3. Damn I can’t wait for the PC copy.

  4. I think this will be my reason to boot that game back up, finally.

  5. Go Valve! I was disappointed having only two maps for multiplayer, but it looks like they listened to my prayers. Can’t wait.

  6. Survival Mode is great for those who have not tried it out!

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