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Rumors have been surfacing for quite some time about a new Playstation Portable. These rumors have intensified recently, with a bold statement that we will see a brand new PSP before the 2009 holiday rush. The newest rumors again state that the touchscreen will slide up to reveal controls that include a d-pad and two thumbsticks.

Sony has yet to comment on these rumors, but it is safe to assume that if it is true all will be revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Source: Pocket Gamer

  1. If it is truly a next generation in handhelds, I’ll be getting one.

  2. I hope the UMD-less rumors are true. I think it’s the only way to go for them. I think the next step might be a purely digital portable gaming device.

  3. @Tim

    Yeah, I think that’s the next step forward in portable gaming. However, is it really worth buying another PSP without a UMD slot?

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