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inFamous is an upcoming sandbox action adventure game developed by Sucker Punch, the cunning folks behind the Sly Cooper franchise. We all fully expected the game to hold crimes like murder and theft, yet the game slid by quite unnoticed by the rating boards. Though many expected an M for Mature rating on the game, it actually received a squeaky clean, T for Teen!

Not only is it rated T, it got that rating without any content being cut from the game. This is fantastic news for gamers everywhere, but most importantly Australian gamers. Australia has had its fair share of clamp down on games that were deemed too “Mature” for the country, so I’m sure they’ll all be dead pleased by these recent events.

The highly anticipated title is expected out in North America on May 26, exclusively for the PS3. A demo for the game is also planned for a May 7 release.

Source: PS3 Center

  1. I think now that Infamous has a teen rating Prototype lovers are gonna say stuff like Prototype is more hardcore and stuff along those lines.

  2. Now maybe there’ll be a huge amount controversy because the game has fallen into the hands of our young innocents.

  3. avatar DOOMtrooper

    Prototype is more hardcore and stuff.

  4. Shape shifting and blood. That’s all Prototype is.

    jk :D

  5. Everyone loves SHAPES and BLOOD

  6. avatar yoyo

    what did bbfc rate it

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