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The story behind the acclaimed MMORPG, City of Heroes, has been one of steady progress. The NCSoft owned title has never reached the notoriety status of World of Warcraft, but it is not an MMO that absolutely no one knows, or cares about. The policy of the developer has been to give large content updates once or twice a year. This has kept people coming back over and over again to enjoy all the world of Paragon City, and the Rogue Isles have to offer. Let’s discover what Issue 14: Mission Architect brings to the table.

Throughout my years of college, City of Heroes has been my mainstay MMO of choice. I tried World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 11, and of course all the free to play stuff. However every time I wanted to sink into an online world, I always went back to being a super hero. Of course it did not help that my girlfriend and I would always play together, but that is beside the point.

Most people I talk to say they used to play City of Heroes a long time ago, and now they do not have time or are not into it anymore. If you haven’t played sense Issue 5 or Issue 6, then you’ve missed out on a lot. Throughout these past several years of continued development NCsoft has added new powers, new hero types, new villains, new worlds, new missions, new this, new that. Each Issue brings with it a new change, and a deeper world.

Unlike many other MMORPG’s, City of Heroes relies on instances. Each mission is an instance where you must defeat an enemy, or find an object, or destroy a boss. This is the routine that the Heroes and Villains are used to. With the latest issue of City of Heroes just being released last week, players now have a fully customizable outlet to create their own missions.

As I began my descent into the city one more time, a thought came to me that I could potentially create a mission arch that was better than the developers. The key word is “potential”. I do not have the skills, but someone else surely does. This will bring a system of checks and balances to City of Heroes that will be necessary for quality control moving forward. The developers of City of Heroes will need to continue to put out top-notch content in order to do better than the community.

The tools provided for the development of missions are far more in-depth than I expected. You can customize practically everything. If it already exists in the world, you can use it in the Mission Architect. I decided that I wanted my overpowered character to have to fight wave after wave of patrolling enemies of every variety in a large alien spacecraft. In the story I created, my character was the last hero on Earth, and to save the world I had to defeat every bad guy that ever was.

There is a lot of parts to each part of the creation process that is already fabricated. You will not be creating anything that does not already appear somewhere in the world, but that is truely the only limit. If you can create it in the character creation, if the power exists, you can make an arch-enemy for your toon thats fit just for you and your imagination. It even goes as deep as to allow you to customize any of the dialogue that takes place in the mission. Want the Elite Boss at the end of the level to insult you to the core? He can! The days of villianous rants have returned in all of their annoying glory.

The customization of your allies and enemies is deep, and it is quality. The developers at NCsoft did not leave a stone unturned as they created an amazing expansion. For those of you who already play, it’s an exciting edition for you to enjoy. The question is, does the new issue offer enough content to re-subscribe with the monthly fee? I believe the answer is yes. City of Heroes has a new level to add to its addiction.

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