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sacred2ii20001Hack and slash RPGs and I have a long history together, from the oldest of consoles up until now games like Sacred 2: Fallen Angel have always been one of my favorites in all of the available genres.

Developed and subsiquently published by cdv Software Entertainment USA and Ascaron Entertainment, Sacred 2′s features include a seamless world with drop-in/drop-out cooperative play. Although it is an unknown series, fans of co-op on the PS3 are bound to be pleased. The game ships on May the 12th, 2009 and if you like hacking and co-op, you’re going to like this game.

I really need to get a Playstation 3.

  1. I haven’t really gotten into a good hack n slash RPG since Diablo 2. This looks entertaining.

  2. I have read mixed reviews on this but I am tempted to see how it plays out on the console. I wonder if they will release Diablo III for the console, since Blizzard and Activision are tethered together.

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