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Sometimes I wish I still took Nintendo Power, like I did for so many years. If I did, I would have been able to find out some interesting information about the location of the story in Red Steel 2, and some of the key features of the game. Hit the break for a little information, and the June 2009 cover for Nintendo Power. Yes, I know no one will get the title reference.

According to the recent issue of Nintendo Power, Red Steel 2 will take place in the Wild West. Although that isn’t entirely what we were expecting, perhaps the combination will make for some amazing story-telling, and awesome gameplay. Speaking of the “playing”, Red Steel 2 will take advantage of WiiMotion Plus.


  1. Maybe we can expect to see some blood in RED steel 2

  2. “FINALLY, wielding a sword in a Wii game feels as real as you’ve always dreamed!”

    Video games as fantasy fulfillment? Possibly.

    The wording of that sentence and the context of it? Hilarious.

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