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Still very much in the rumor stage at the moment but it looks likes Fatal Fury (Garou): Mark of the Wolves is coming to the XBLA, well in Korea at least. Will this be the stepping stone to a western re-release? We hope so.


As you might be able to make out from the engrish translation, Microsoft Korea has submited Garou: Mark of the Wolves for rating approval, which no doubt means it’s pretty close to a release.

Also for those who don’t remember, Garou: MOTW it is the 9th and final Fatal Fury game, for it’s time it received unanimous praise.

Token combo video below.

With MVC2 and now Garou seemingly on the horizon it’s seriously looking to be a good year for fighter fans.

Korean Rating Board: Garou

  1. Let’s just put it this way. Due to the roster choices in the new KOF coming out this year, I’d easily get Garou instead.

  2. That was an awesome video.

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