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Rumors of DLC for Killzone 2 have been around for quite some time now. Thanks to Geoff Keighley’s journalizing, we finally have a good idea of what is in store. The first pack will be called “Steel and Titanium” and will contain two maps, one placed on the ISA cruiser “New Sun” and the other will be aboard to Helghast freight trains that can be leapt between if your feeling confident.  Click here for the video, and skip to 7:50.

Guerrilla boss Herman Hulst revealed the 2nd map pack that will include the word “retro”, so it’s a good bet that the DLC will include maps from the original Killzone. That being said, Geoff failed to mention if the DLC would have to be bought, or if you could pick it up for free.

Other than map packs, what do you want to see in future DLC for Killzone 2?

Source: GameTrailers

  1. That’s actually looking pretty solid.

  2. Still need to pick up Killzone 2. Ahhh.

  3. avatar Andrew Clark

    I’d like to see a new weapon set.

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