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By: | April 16th, 2009 | Xbox 360
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larryheaderIn today’s society dirty jokes are a dime a dozen, and if I told you one now you will have likely already heard it. Leisure Suit Larry is the ultimate dirty joke. Yes, the writing is incredibly dirty and the gameplay is a joke in itself, but the game isn’t completely without merit. (This game is perverted, and the review shall reflect that. Read with caution.)

The story behind Leisure Suit Larry is one of the most unbelievable things I have ever experienced via my television. Larry is a good-for-nothing graduate of film school as far as I can tell, and he is without work, and without goals. His daily ambitions include eating, drinking, and getting laid, and the state of his home reflects that. It’s a pig pen.

You get a call from Larry’s uncle, who is also named Larry. Uncle Larry owns a large film studio where they make pornography. He invites his nephew to come work at the Meaty Media Conglomerate and thus the story begins…after some very long load times.

As you hit the studio lot you’ll be treated to a tour by Uncle Larry, where you will be told that there is someone trying to destroy his company and he would like you, the good-for-nothing perv, to figure out who it is and stop him/her dead in their tracks. Larry admits that his only “private eye” is his skin flute (chuckle), and so the game begins.


As you begin to walk around the lot you’ll notice….wait, did I say walk? Let’s air out the first pair of this game’s dirty laundry. Larry is a freak of nature and he cannot walk! You see, instead of walking he skips in slow motion. It’s almost as if he has a boot up his backside and cannot do anything else but this slow, poorly paced skip as to not cause more pain to his prostate. It goes without saying that you end up very frustrated from the get-go. In fact, this could be the game’s greatest flaw next to controlling the action sequences.

It’s hard to define what sort of game Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust is. At first glance it is an action platform title with a lot of different mini-games to occupy your time. You’ll do everything from deliver packages, to taking pictures of some of the actresses involving themselves in an afternoon tryst on the roof of one of the buildings. If the game kept this fetch this and that platforming element I might be able to forgive the whole skipping with a spike up the ass, but it doesn’t.

For some strange reason the developers decided to place some action platforming complete with combat.  If Larry can’t get laid, he sure can’t fight! It’s not his fault either. The combat in this game is atrocious. There is no lock-on, there is no way of knowing if you’re close enough to hit, and there is no way to stay alive. Your enemies are significantly stronger, and they know how to fight. Each of these action-platform sections are without a doubt, the breaking point of the game. These are where your large achievements come from, and where you end up walking away from the game like I did.

While I am tearing this game down, let me continue. Although the character design is unique, it is in need of polish. All of the graphics are in need of some serious polish and shine. At times it seems like the skin and texture is filled with little holes where you can almost see through to the white base they use for everything. No polish. No care. Why did they bother making this game? The girls may have absolutely massive boobs, wide hips, and eyes that all practically say “bend me over” it does not excuse everything else about it that is absolutely pathetic.


Now that we’ve absolutely torn it apart, let’s look at what might barely make things passable. Although everything about this game seems broken, the writing is disgustingly good. Every dirty joke, every “That’s what she said!”, and every reference to spanking the monkey is put in with perfect timing. It is almost uncanny how great the writing is in comparison to everything else.

Along with the writing are some great choices in voice acting. It isn’t like the game is going to win an Oscar, but it is really good! Why is it that this company is able to succeed at what others seem to fail at, and they fail at what others can do well at.


What pains me the most is that I really wanted to like this game. From the time I put it into the tray until the time I took it out it absolutely pained me to watch it fail. If you think you can stomach horrible gameplay, and weird graphics…just try. If you’re a big fan of dirty jokes, and great innuendo then this is an absolutely funny game.

One thing that this game does lack is nudity. There is sex implied everywhere, but Larry never scores. It’s almost dissapointing, as you want to help the poor guy actually get some. It’s horrible…but I just want to keep playing.

Rating Category
5.0 Presentation
Great writing, weird graphics. Cut's it in half.
How does our scoring system work?
1.0 Gameplay
Shoe up the butt, no fighting skills. Need I say more?
9.0 Sound
Great voice acting, and the music is nice too!
1.0 Longevity
You won't even want to finish the game.
4.0 Overall
A stark contrast in quality. So strange.

  1. avatar Ricky

    … Bad game gone bad?

  2. This doesn’t seem remotely entertaining. Thanks for the warning.

  3. It runs like an absolute dog on PC too.

  4. They should retire poor ol’ Larry.

  5. avatar shell

    i want a penis :(

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