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callofdutyworldatwarhead2Downloadable content tends to be a mixed bag of major reception and praise, to no one caring to buy it at all. It is difficult to determine if the value placed upon the content is worth the points you spent on it.

This newest offering from Treyarch is without a doubt of a high caliber of quality, but is it worth it? Let’s try to figure out if Map Pack 1 for Call of Duty: World at War is worth the 800 Microsoft Points.

One of the greatest things about a multiplayer map is the joy you feel when you know maps inside and out, and can use ever crevice, hole, nook, and cranny to your advantage while waging war against others. In Call of Duty World at War, the multiplayer maps are very different from Call of Duty 4. In Call of Duty 4 most of the maps are based upon stealth, sniping, and sneaking up behind someone. In World at War, things are slightly different

The first map, Station, takes its cues from the single-player campaign by putting players in an abandoned railway tunnel filled with old cars, fallen debris, crates, and barrels. Allied bombing has decimated this station, and it has obviously been used to house troops by the cots placed about. One of the unique elements of this map is that it is virtually a straight line. There is not a lot of width to this map. Being able to ambush from atop the railroad cars, and from underneath stairs makes for some fun Team Deathmatch experiences. Unlike some of the other new maps, it is much easier to find your prey, and defeat them.

Knee Deep is set in a Japanese village, and is arguably the worst of the three maps. Due to its size, and places to hide you will hardly ever be able to find anyone on Team Deathmatch! It’s a frustrating experience to say the least. Where this level has the potential to shine is through the other multiplayer modes.  Headquarters, Capture the Flag, Domination become the frag fest that it should be. The capture points are always in great locations to keep bringing down the rain, rattling the bullets, and sending in the hounds. It truly begins to feel like a war after awhile.

The beauty of this map is obvious. All of the single-player levels that take place in the Pacific tend to be incredibly beautiful. Treyarch did an amazing job at recreating it down to the details inside houses.


Nightfire is likely the favorite out of the bunch. The design is unique in that it almost feels like a perfect square. The boundaries of the city combine a stealth/street fighting combination that takes this game to a whole new level. Why? You can’t really snipe. Rocket launchers flying past your face, with bullets and grenades at your feet really keep this map moving quickly. It is best for Team activities due to its sheer size. One group in Free-For-All and you’d never find each other.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Zombie Asylum. Treyarch provided an excellent experiment in the Nazi Zombie mode included in Call of Duty: World at War. In fact, for some it is the most played mode in the game. Take everything that you liked about the original mode, and make it twenty times better and you’ve got Verrückt.
To survive the Zombie Asylum to high levels you’re going to need a few specific things. You must have four people with microphones. You must have people who are willing to work together and listen. Finally, you must be willing to employ strategies you’d never have thought of in the original Zombie map. The first thing you will immediately notice about Verrückt is that it is much larger than the other Nazi Zombie map.

An insane asylum in Germany shortly after the drop of an atomic bomb has caused the undead to rise, and its your job to fend them off. The next thing you’ll notice is that you’ve only got one other person on your side of the map. The other two are separated by a door that can only be opened after many points have been spent, and power has been restored to the building.

Other obvious additions include brand new sounds for the zombies, the perk machines, and for the pick-ups. Designed to horrify you even more, it takes an almost Bioshock-esque stance on some of the humor in the map. At random times the four men trapped in the building will talk to each other, and yell disses at the zombies. All the while if there is a zombie in the map, you will hear him screaming and wailing about.

It’s still all about the survival of four people as long as you can, but their are multiple strategies you can employ to make it so much easier. I won’t go into detail, but making it to level 26 with over 150,000 points and 1,000 kills looks really awesome on my record. A great pick-up group developed a strategy using the electric fences, rayguns, and a flame thrower that basically made us untouchable. With new places to hide, new weapons at your disposal…it becomes a lot of fun to experience.It almost makes me wish they’d make a retail game consisting entirely of this. I’m glad Infinity Ward is taking a cue, and putting zombies in their game as well.

If you enjoy all that Call of Duty: World at War has to offer then I can gauruntee [sic] that you will enjoy the new maps. Treyarch did an excellent job. The ten dollars is a great price to pay for all new content. If you’re a big fan of Nazi Zombies, then that alone will provide you with hours and hours of playtime. Buy it.

Map Pack 1 deserves a 7 out of 10.

  1. I haven’t played this yet, but I am itching to take out some zombies!

  2. Only reason I would buy the map pack is because of the new Nazi Zombies map.

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