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Even though Final Fantasy XIII is a multi-platform title, the main interest remains squarely on the PlayStation 3 version. Simply because the series has been focused around Sony for so long now. Square-Enix are confident that FF XIII will utilize the consoles capabilities to it’s fullest. Pushing it to its limits.

Kotaku reports that, while speaking to Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation 3, producer Yoshinori Kitase answered some questions about the game. “Doesn’t the demo use about 50 percent of [the PlayStation 3's] power?” he asked. “Of course, I think the retail version will make use of nearly 100 percent.”

He went on to compare the game to Final Fantasy VII/X, saying that XIII will do for the PlayStation 3 what those games did for the PS1/PS2. He also confirmed that the game will not be using disk swapping, at least not on the PS3 version, due to the massive space Blu-Ray provides. Let’s just see what Square can do, if it’s truly outstanding than maybe other developers will follow their lead, and we’ll get some truly stunning PS3 games.


The other matter at hand is the XBox 360 version of the game. The developers have probably stowed it away in the back of their minds as it’s not going to be ported until the PS3 version is 100% completed. But if Square are telling the truth about how hard they’re going to push the PS3, what does this mean for the 360 version?

  1. Blue Dragon on the 360 had 3 disks. It’s likely the 360 version of FF XIII will have multiple disks.

  2. Lost Odyssey had multiple discs too, not overly annoying, not like your switching back and forth often, like once every 20 hours of gameplay you have to get up, scary.

  3. Sorry Paul, but I like to play for days without moving from my spot. Especially with games like Final Fantasy, why should I have to move. Thats not part of the game. >:(

  4. oh, definately, not moving is better. Not trying to argue that point, and if I had both PS3 and Xbox 360, would probably be tempted to catch it on Sony’s little minx of a machine. But as someone who owns a 360 only, the idea of multiple discs just isn’t something I’m getting worked up about.
    However, if they say “well, the content fits on a Blu-Ray, but Xbox discs only store 80% of our content, let’s cut out the mini game, and this continent, and maybe limit the progression of this, there we go, fits now.” Then I’ll be pissed.

  5. Maybe they should just make it 2D on the 360, then it’d fit. :3

  6. The 360 will almost definitely have multiple discs, but I can deal with that :)

  7. Yeah, disk swapping doesn’t really bother me.

  8. Now that it went multi-platform I have been more torn than Natalie Imbruglia. The only thing that could make it harder is if the offered something equally cool but different depending on what system you are playing it on.

  9. Although the prospect of a multi-disc title doesn’t seem to trouble anyone here overmuch, I *have* caught some strong undercurrents of aversion to the idea out among the ‘system of tubes’, which frankly has left me puzzled. I mean, it’s not as though the measure is without precedent – indeed, for anyone who played RPG’s with any regularity back during the PSX era, it was nigh on a permanent feature of the genre, by the end of the generation – and if, at the end of the day, it meant that much more (quality) content, well, then so be it.

    Again, it doesn’t seem as though anyone here is terribly concerned, but that the producer felt the need to specifically provide assurance that FFXIII would in fact be limited to a single disc leaves me wondering just how many would find a second – or even third – *that* objectionable.

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