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Would you like to own a PS3? Do you love Final Fantasy VII? Well it’s your lucky day! A “Cloud Black” PlayStation 3 is now available to buy online, and boy does it looks magnificent. Comes in a nice little bundle too, hit the jump to find out more!Play Asia are now selling this collectors PS3! The package contains:

  • PS3 Console (Cloud Black Edition 160HDD edition)
  • Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray Movie
  • Final Fantasy XIII Trial Version



This is looking great so far, the only downside is the slight price hike, the set costs $649.00 (€495.51), which is a small $50 more than a 60GB PS3 at launch. The Final Fantasy XIII Demo pretty much sells the package, and the trial is only available in the First Print Only, so you might wanna get this while it’s still up for grabs.

  1. The newly-textured, fingerprint-resistant finish is the only draw for me here, but it’s one hell of an incentive. I would love to grab one of these so as to avoid having to wipe down my PS3 every few days, but alas I really can’t justify buying a new console when the one I own is perfectly functional.

  2. I also hate fingerprints on my glossy electronics. Ick.

  3. Haha as soon as I found out about this I knew Claudio had to post it!

  4. I want this so badly I could cry. But my 80GB PS3 isnt even 6 months old. :(

    • avatar Anonymous

      Dude!! If it helps you any, I put a 500 gigabit hard drive in my ps3, and now I have awesome amount of room. If you would like to know how to do this please feel free to write me an e-mail at type in subject line, How do I upgrade my ps3 from 80gb to 500gb. 3 simple steps to doing this. :O)

  5. Wow, that looks amazing. Claudio…I feel your pain!

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