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Gaming in high definition provides the best possible picture and soundf quality and allows us to play the games they were meant to be played. The Final Fantasy series has had a long history of amazing prerendered cutscenes and equally as beautiful real time graphics.

With the wait until FFXIII launches we can’t help but think how good these graphics can get.  The folks over at intermezzo ran a series of comparison shots of the Japanese demo on high end HD TV’s and the good old family analogue.

The models used to compare were;

14 inch Sony WEGA (2000)
50 inch Pioneer plasma (2006)
With about $3,600 and six years separating them it wasn’t going to be hard to guess what the results would be. What was surprising however was how bad the analogue picture looked even without the comparison.



With square promising that they were working hard on making it so that text was readable on SD TV’s we may have another case of unreadable text that was found in Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts and Capcoms Dead Rising. The economy being in the state that it is, those who haven’t yet purchased a HD T.V may just have to settle on these blurry graphics for just a while longer.

  1. I doubt there are a whole lot of people that can afford a PS3 but not an HDTV. Think about it, usually the PS3 costs more. :3

  2. Wow, the text is so stylish that it’s near impossible to read. I’m so glad I have an HD

  3. avatar PlayedOnCRTandHDTV

    No way the graphics on CRT are so bad… I think someone “mistune” the CRT to make it bad. I have played PS3 games on CRT and they are way better than this graphically. And if you don’t use HDMI (or component), CRT is better.

  4. avatar Name (Required)

    not many people use such a small crt.

  5. avatar Name (Required) #2

    I’m glad I’ve an HD-TV

  6. avatar killer_pwned89

    Someone had to mess with the pics or something because it looks horrible. Well im in the process of geting a hd and i got my ps3 hooked up in my room on a 21 inch sony and all the games look great the only game i ever have problems with. Is on those rare times i feel like playing dead rising on my 360 the text is near impossible. I dont think square would do this to its fellow fans

  7. avatar pwned_killer89

    I forgot i got the movie with the game shipped out so should get it soon. Ill go to my friends and do a test to see how different it is then youtube it.

  8. avatar huh_wat

    14″? that’s a small tv.

  9. Lets hope they don’t really look like that! I know you can’t stop progress, but at lease show some love for us poor gamers!

  10. avatar terra13

    Who the heck would use a 14” tv for playing ps3 games. I think most people would at least have 21”+ these days. And even if they were using a 14”, in this day and age wouldn’t they at least have a small LCD monitor or something similar.
    Any one with a 14” analogue is just cheap and living in the stone ages.

  11. avatar Jimmy W

    There is no way the TV in the pic is a 14 Inch TV, and it would probably be a better comparison if they used say a 32″ Analogue and 32″ HD Panel that cost roughly the same when first released. It’s hardly a fair comparison, even though its obvious that 99% of the time a HDTV will be better than Analogue.

  12. avatar P

    If you get it on 360 you can always use a VGA cable and get hid def through a pc monitor. I did that for a while before HDTVs got cheaper, but now I’m lucky to be playing with a PS3 on a 1080p Samsung.

  13. avatar Name (Required)

    jeez, like whut gay ass fag dosnt own a hd tv these days, there essential for true gaming.

  14. I can’t afford an HD TV. Shoot me. Or send me money. That’ll work as well.

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