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IGN has released the new trailer for Final Fantasy Agito XIII (the PSP edition of the XIII trilogy) from the Final Fantasy XIII demo. It seems that the main characters of this game are the guardians of the crystal that explodes at the beginning of the video, but its not apparent how this game will tie into the others (XIII and Versus XIII).  The combat looks to be a hybrid of Final Fantasy XII‘s combat and Star Ocean‘s, and the gameplay footage shows that the PSP’s graphical abilities are being pushed to the brink.  Lets hope they bring it to Europe and America…soon! Hit the jump to check it out!

What are your impressions from this new trailer?

Source: IGN

  1. A plethora of FFXIII stuff these days. Looking pretty good. The art direction of that trailer is not anything I’d ever expect from Final Fantasy. Killzone 2 or Meta Gear, maybe, but not FF.

  2. I want all 3 Final Fantasy XIII games.

  3. I think Agito XIII looks like the most interesting, which is unfortunate because I don’t even have a PSP :( It’s my goal to have one by the time it’s released, though! That shouldn’t be too hard, I think!

  4. @Tim Turi

    I love where they have been taking Final Fantasy. The push towards intertwining fantasy and science fiction (I don’t think they are interchangeable) has been the best thing that happened to the series.

    I am really excited for these three titles.

  5. Last FF I played was X-2, someday I’ll get around to XII and stuff, but grown tired of FF of late.

  6. It makes me sad that the last title you played was FF X-2. That title disappointed me so much.

  7. Don’t worry, not trying to claim it’s the best title I played, just the last.
    Oh, actually, I played Revenant Wings, the DS thingy. If that counts.

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