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Publisher D3 has released the debut trailer for Dream C Club. If you never heard about the game before, let me give you a quick rundown. The game is set in a hostess bar. You work during the day in order to make money and spend it at various hostess bars. While at the bar, you try to get the hostess drunk and seduce her. She’ll eventually reveal some secrets or insecurities. Somewhere around there, she’ll get up on stage and sing karaoke.

The debut trailer ignores the gameplay features and focuses on the hostesses singing karaoke. Hit the jump to watch Dream C Club’s debut trailer.

After watching the trailer, I got interested in the game. I don’t know what did it. Maybe it was the catchy music, seeing the hostesses dance in maid outfits, or Rui’s juggling breasts screaming “buy me!”

Dream C Club is scheduled to release this Summer in Japan for the Xbox 360, and by the looks of this trailer, it will most likely be a Japan only game.

Source: Console Cuties, GameTrailers

  1. I think I know a certain someone who might really be interested in this game. Thanks for the tip!

  2. This is classic Japanese fetish. I have to say, I love the graphical style and extremely fluid animation. I couldn’t play this and maintain my masculinity though.

  3. I want this. So very badly. This is why Japan is so much better than anywhere else. Because they have games like this. I guess I’ll just have to learn Japanese…

  4. avatar George Shimsky

    Congrats Chelsea. I had been so hoping we were going to pull it off, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

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