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Avatar ImageDevil May Cry PSP scrapped
By: | April 15th, 2009
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Although Devil May Cry is a fairly big franchise, you won’t find may gamers left who still hunger for a PSP iteration of the 3rd Person Action/Shooter. By chance if you do find one of them you can go ahead and tell them that the game has been scrapped.

This weeks Famitsu quite slyly took it off their release list, and put a little comment at the bottom stating the game had been canned. Whether or not the game is gone for good is unknown, or whether a Dante will ever come to the PSP.

I personally find this quite surprising, sure the PSP has never been that strong, but there are more and more good titles being announced for the handheld this year. Seems odd that a seller like DMC would be canned. How many of you are disappointed at the games cancellation?

  1. Man, if they could have given it the Chains of Olympus treatment, it could have been epic.

  2. That may have been the final deciding factor on the long debate of whether I should by a PSP. Looks like the debate rages on.

  3. Well thats a goddamn shame. I love me my devil may cry, and if done in the same control vein as Crisis Core, it could have been a fantastic game. Oh well…

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