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If you are a fan of Japanese anime and shooting the hell out of people with gorgeously rendered giant heads, you’ll be thrilled when you see this trailer for Cave’s upcoming Xbox 360 port for side-scrolling, look-at-us-we’re-cute-girls-kicking-ass shooter DeathSmiles – probably the best name for a game in history.

Hit the jump to check it out.


I’ll be honest with you, while the game is being released tomorrow (April 23) in Japan, there is no word as yet on a global shipping date. However, two things are for sure: It looks like some of the shooter action I’ve seen in a while and PETA wil have a field day about 45 seconds in.

What do you guys think? Want to see this one outside Japan? Or are you lucky enough to be there already?

  1. Nice find here Dan. It reminds me a little of Legendary Wings for the original Nintendo, if anyone can remember that. It looks fantastic, and I think I might have to access my Japanese account tomorrow to dowload it. Thank you Resident Evil 5 demo, and thanks for the write up.

  2. I wonder where it stands on difficulty. Most difficult shooter I’ve ever played was Ikaruga. Put the “hell” in “bullet hell”.

  3. Thanks Christopher… never played Legendary Wings, but anything that looks like DeathSmiles must be cool. Such great artistry in this trailer. Believe it or not, I think it’s coming out on disc, rather than XBLA.

  4. Mmm, Dericious Animes..

  5. But Dan it’s the 360!

  6. I know :o (

    I may need to bend the laws of reality to get this one…

    Off topic, Liverpool 4 Arsenal 4… I didn’t see that coming! Arshavin put on a one-man show.

    Nice to see you got that awesome avatar up in here. I’ll be on Killzone 2 tonight if you’re back online!

  7. @Dan
    I’m too scared to buy one. I want to though.

    I missed the match! There goes the title… Not yet back online buddy. Might me tomorrow. I don’t know. I’ll let you know. (p.s. sent you an e-mail)

  8. What amazing music that trailer has! Jeez! I guess I’ll be seeing you all in bullet hell

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