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Atlus has been generous enough to allow us a few fresh peeks at their upcoming PSP RPG, Crimson Gem Saga. The title may lead you to believe that this yet is another RPG puzzle mash up, but don’t be deceived.  This is pure, unadulterated JRPG action.  Click continue to check out some sharp screen shots.




These screen shots speak for themselves.  The game looks like it will be right at home on Sony’s portable.  The combat screen seems simple and intuitive, just enough going on for the little screen.  Your crew can even pull of duo, triple, or quadruple attacks to reign down fury on their foes.

Atlus is also touting the game as a, “Sharply-written and dripping with traditional JRPG class.” The writing evident on these screen shots seems solid enough, the true test will be if they can break out of suffocating JRPG archetypes.

  1. The combat looks like Lunar, and I’m jumping up and down right now.

  2. I think I may have just pissed my pants a little with excitement.

  3. Oh, any word on a release date?

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