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Judge, jury and goddamn executioner of the Silent Hill series, Pyramid Head is one of the scariest guys in gaming; he’s not a man/thing/Egyptian monument you wanna mess with. P.Head has other names though; The Red Triangle Thing, Pyramid Head, and in Silent Hill: Homecoming the “Bogeyman”. Although none of these names sound particularly threatening, after you read this article you will forever fear the triangle and all its forms.

Pyramid head is said to be invincible, every time he is supposedly killed/defeated he comes back, usually pissed off. He remains one of the “overly masculine” characters in the Silent Hill games. Where as the other creatures generally have feminine features, Pyramid Head resembles a ghostly pale, muscular man covered with a white, blood-soaked robe reminiscent of a butcher’s apron. Although his clothes are creepy, you probably won’t notice them over the gigantic Pyramid on his head (it seems to be red in Silent Hill 2, probably due to blood or rust). There is also a hole drilled into it, allowing for a long tentacle/tongue to emerge and kill whatever he has grappled in his inhuman strength.

It was reported to have been designed to appear painful to wear, suggesting that it serves as some kind of punishment, although the whole killing/raping thing probably isn’t helping him if it is. In interviews with the chief artist responsible for creating the character (Silent Hill 2 bonus DVD) it’s stated that the thought process behind the pyramid shaped helmet was to create the feeling of ‘pain’. In other accounts the helm has been identified as an elaborate executioners mask.

His actions are often scary, questionable, and downright disgusting. He displays a great deal of violent tendencies, jerking and twitching as he drags his iconic weapon “The Great Knife” behind him. Muffled shouts/screams can be heard from beneath his helmet sometimes, often when he tries and fails to remove it. Several times, Pyramid Head can be seen assaulting, perhaps sexually, various monsters in the games.

Out Of His Way, He's Got A Hot Date With A Mannequin.

Out of his way, he's got a hot date with a Mannequin.

The knife wielding maniac has changed significantly between his two main appearances; Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill: Homecoming. This could be due to the fact that the Silent Hill movie came out between the releases, or maybe they just gave him a makeover for next gen systems. The incarnation in Homecoming seems to have taken from his movie appearance, as he has a more angular, jagged helmet with metal grating and bolts on it.

His robes don’t cover his torso and instead, hang down low, hiding his legs completely while being held up with a load of belts. In Silent Hill 2 he wears a white sleeveless robe, and what appears to be rubber gloves. His height has changed dramatically as well; in SH2 he was only marginally taller than the main character, but in Homecoming he towers above you as a great hulking beast. He kept his slow lumbering movements, but the twitching and sexual tendencies were removed.

Pyramid head symbolizes pain, suffering, guilt and punishment all at once. For James Sunderland (Silent Hill 2 Protagonist), he was a physical manifestation of his anger and desire to be punished for his wife’s death. His actual appearance was influenced by a painting James saw Silent Hill Historical Society, titled Misty Day, Remains of Judgement. The painting featured an executioner, dressed in a triangular helmet and standing before several skewered bodies hanging from the ceiling.

For Adam Shepherd (Silent Hill: Homecoming), Pyramid Head also played the role of punishment. He’s also drawn to Alex’s subconscious guilt, however, he does not blame nor feel the need to punish himself, so Alex is not targeted by P.Head. He is also shown to be tormented by the helmet he wears as penance for his own sins and violent acts, as he fails numerous times to remove the helmet.

He Just Wants To Rape/Murder/Hug You, Whats The Big Deal?

He Just wants to rape/murder/hug you, what's the big deal?

Although his main appearances have been in Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill: Homecoming he has also appeared in a few other games, not Silent Hill related:

In his Hollywood blockbuster appearance in the film; Silent Hill, he is just as terrifying and wears clothes made out of what appear to be bits of human flesh. In the credits he is listed as “Red Pyramid”, which is odd because he’s not really red in the movie.

You cant really summarize Pyramid head in one paragraph, but I’m going to try anyway. He’s a brutish reincarnation of your subconscious mind, he’ll track you down and kill you, murdering and possibly sexually abusing anything that gets in his path. His knife is one of a kind, it’s no good for making sandwiches, but it’ll cut you in half pretty easily. He’s been called one of the scariest baddies in gaming, and he is remembered by everyone who has played Silent Hill 2. Pyramid Head, we salute you.

  1. I know he is a terrifying character but I wish developers and hollywood would just leave him alone. He resembles all of the guilt (as you said) and anger that James had. His actions toward the mannequins was a manifestation of James infidelity, and he belongs nowhere outside the realm of his subconscious. He is purely a reflection of James’ sins. It saddens me that he keeps appearing so people will stay interested.

    • avatar Ryutens

      Actually this is left up to interpretation but in the form of Pyramid Head; yes the character shouldn’t be used as some sort of iconic part of Silent Hill. In 3 and even to credit “Origins” the character wasn’t the same. He’s supposedly one of the “angels” though of one of the gods from the series as depicted in a few paintings. We need a game that carries the kinda impact and terror that SH2 held for me. A story not about survival but redemption. There are worst things to fear than zombies (or monsters in general) like madness, loneliness and eternal suffering/guilt

  2. Pyramid Head scared the crap out of me. I predict a spin off of the franchise that has him as the main character.

  3. @Tim
    That would be such an awesome game.

    • avatar Young

      Nossa, hahaha, apsear do povo ter gostado, eu achei seu pedae7o de detonado ruinzinho. Na verdade se fosse detonadae7o mesmo nem precisava falar nada. Parece que te1 jogando com mf3 me1 vontade tem hora, cara. E vi sf3 esse veddeo. E fala mais grosso igual o eaeeee, de1 moral isso.X)Foi mal, mas eu ne3o gostei. Mas ne3o deixa de ser detonado, e9 sf3 seguir o veddeo.Ate9 mais

  4. In the latest Game Informer someone made a really neat metal pyramid head.

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