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bully patch

Is the fast paced life of Liberty City too much for you?   Do you feel more comfortable at Bulworth Academy hitting the books (and nerds) than you do behind the wheel of a stolen auto?  Well, if you’ve been playing Bully: Scholorship Edition on PC, I have the full report on what Rockstar’s new patch is going to do for you.  Class is in session after the jump.

The patch for the 2008 game features, a “Compatibility fix for poor streaming performance, random lock ups, and random crashes affecting 64-bit Windows with over 2 GB of RAM,” according to Rockstar.

If you missed out on Bully when it first released, and are looking for a break from Niko or Klebitz, I highly recommend giving this Rockstar gem a shot.  Fire up your PC and let your Bart Simpson-esque adolescent dreams run wild.

Source: Rockstar

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    fucking patch sucks

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