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PC Gamers Rejoice!

For in just under 5 hours from the publication of this post , Braid will finally be released on Steam for the very tasty price of $14.95. Hit the jump for the most recent PC trailer.

Trailer for the PC version of Braid
If you don’t know how awesome Braid is, check out our XBLA review of it. It goes without saying if you haven’t already got it, run, jump and click as fast as you can to get it.
Braid will be available on Steam here.
  1. To those who dont have it. Get it. Now.

  2. avatar Jeroen Brattinga

    You can get it now on … or wait 2 hours for the Steam release.

  3. A must have for anyone who doesn’t already own it.

  4. Very cool, I’m excited that more people will be able to play this great game

  5. Will it be the exact same as the XBL version? I don’t own an Xbox and I don’t have Steam, in fact I’m completely clueless as to what all it does. From what I’ve heard though, Braid is worth getting, so I’m gonna get it.

  6. May as well use this as a reason to get Steam, it’s a free service so there’s no reason not to get it really.

  7. I really need to play this.

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