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The highly anticipated game; Batman: Arkham Asylum has finally had a price set for the UK Collectors Edition. This package is by far one of the coolest in videogame history. Hit the jump to see what you get, and to check out the price.

This Edition of the game is priced at £59.99 on both XBox 360 and PlayStation 3. It includes:

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum “Batarang” Shaped Hard-Case.
  • 14″ Batarang With Stand (The Same Batarang That Appears In The Game).
  • Arkham Doctors Journal (48 Pages Of Notes On Arkhams Inmates), With An Embossed Leather Dust Jacket.
  • 2 Sleeve Digi Pack Including – The Game, Behind The Scenes Disk, Game Manual
  • Code For Downloadable Challenge Map

Buy It For The Batarang

The US price is still set at $99, so it’s a pretty sleek package. Unfortunately a stone set release for the game is yet to be decided. But it seems to be going smoothly. If you aren’t happy with the game, just Batarang your TV.

  1. $99 is totally worth it. Man I can’t wait for this!

  2. Me either, its totally freaking awesome. The Batarang is worth it. :D

  3. It looks like a set of kid’s meal toys from McDonalds

  4. I can dig it. $99 is too rich for my blood.

    My only concern is that this game will have 0 replay value. Other than that, I kind of want to buy it.

  5. Now thats what I call a Collecters Edition, plenty of goodies, and also ones people can enjoy. Batarang is one great reason. But, I’d like to read the notes on the inmates as well. Might have to get this preordered asap.

  6. @Chris

    You can make your own replay value by using your batarang on real people!

    Seriously though…I am waiting for the news story about someone chucking at their friend, family, or complete stranger.

  7. avatar Harley

    i preorderd this mostly for the Batarang, the game looks awsome!!! :D

  8. avatar Anonymous

    chris your mother is a porn star

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