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The opening cinematic for the Persona remake has been added in Atlus’ Persona PSP Japanese website. The art style and designs look incredible. You may recognize the vocalist, Yumi Kawamura, as she was also the vocalist for Persona 3.

Hit the jump the to watch the opening video.

Judging by the video, it definitely looks like Atlus is trying to appeal to the new crowd after the recent success of the Persona series. The website also includes soundtrack samples, gameplay videos and some nice wallpapers for your PSP.

Persona is scheduled to release on April 29th in Japan and this fall for North America.

Source: Atlus

  1. Do all the Persona games have such catchy music? Honestly, I’ll have this in my head for days.

  2. Persona is the BEST JRPG series out there. Hands down!

  3. Yeah, they all have extremely catchy music. I purchased the Persona 3 OST and I have the “Side A” disc that came with Persona 4 ripped into my iTunes.

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