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gamerlimitac2Ubisoft Montreal’s 2007 hit Assassin’s Creed caused enough of a stir in the gaming community that a sequel was always inevitable. A brief teasing glimpse of Assassin’s Creed 2 is now available for viewing pleasure over at their official site.

Shockingly enough, the teaser shows very little about the game itself, but with all the Da Vinci-esque artwork it seems the initial rumours of the 15th century Italy setting may be right. The game is expected to be released by March 2010, so there is still quite a wait to endure.

  1. Man, I should probably get to playing the first game if the second one is already being teased

  2. I need to try the first, I suppose. Is it any good?

  3. It’s good, yeah. Personally, I wouldn’t go any further than “good” but I’m cynical. Lots of things done well, really pretty, fluid combat, definately worth a play.

  4. The first one was an excellent game, I hope they keep the quality.

  5. Often repetitive, but a good one to go back to and stretch out a little.

    Beautiful visuals.

    I’m pumped for number 2.

  6. As they recieved a fair amount of criticism about the repetition, and game developers now have such an avenue to listen to feedback from their games, the second one should address alot of the first games errors and be a pretty fine game. Yeah, this theory isn’t solid, but I’m still hopeful.

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