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Shown below is the boxart for the next game in the Assassin’s Creed series, entitled Assassin’s Creed 2. Details from the boxart suggest that gamers will be able to play as Altair once again, or possibly a different character with very similar features. Nonetheless, the character in the boxart is shown with 2 hidden blades in each arm, which is different from the 1 hidden blade that Altair had in the first game. These details should excite Assassin’s Creed fans!

Source: Out of Lives

  1. Well… okay. Would have liked it to take place at some other time… but very well.

  2. Very good looking boxart.
    Single hidden blade in the first game was very useful and attractive.
    now double hidden blades should make it even better (I hope)

  3. if you take a good look at it, you will notice that in fact there is 3 blades.
    in the right hand of Altair there is two blades, one is the old Hidden blade (in between of his fingers) and there are two new short blades attached to his hands.
    And his left one is taller than the other.

  4. It is not Altair, as the middle finger is not cut short.

  5. yeah, no Altair in this one, new main character, based over 200 years after the first instalment of the game, but triple blade *drools*

  6. This looks pretty damn sweet. Must have game for me.

    • avatar Moises

      Hi,die Basic und Premium Variante ist derzeit bei vieeln He4ndlern ausverkauft. Es gibt derzeit wieder das ZombiU Bundle bei Amazon: GameStop soll aktuell auch wieder Vorbestellungen entgegen nehmen.

  7. That’s pretty good looking.

  8. Right Back Atcha Tim. ;3

  9. avatar VeeVee

    It’s not Altair, it’s Ezio – the Decendant of Altair, and the Ancestor of Desmond Miles.
    Ezio does not have Altair’s missing ring finger, nor does he have a scar on his lip.

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