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Today ‘And Yet it Moves’ finally got released, and it’s looking very purchase worthy. And Yet it Moves is a puzzle-platformer where you can rotate the world to maneuver and work your way through the levels. Check out the video below for a full demonstration.

I’m a massive fan of quirky indie games *ahem Casualty Gamer*, and this one looks to be another great release for the year. It’s going for $14.99 on Steam… which might be a bit steep for their target market, although here’s hoping it goes well.

Could this be the best Indie game for April? It’s looking quite probable.

The demo is available for download here, and you can snag it off steam here.

  1. damn, that looks awesome. I need to pick that up.

  2. Looks like an ultra polished version of Jumpman. That is to say, it looks incredible! I love the screen rotating gameplay.

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