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It sounds like Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection was not enough for Sega, because achievements have been found for three of their greatest titles that most folks may have forgotten. The folks over at MyGamerCard are to be thanked for the discovery of these achievements.

It looks as if Altered Beast, Shinobi, and Comix Zone has all but been officially confirmed by Sega themselves. Each of the achievement listings found below are legitimate. Sounds like a second round of classic Sega games will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade sometime in the future.

Source for Altered Beast: Achievement List

Source for Shinobi: Achievement List

Source for Comix Zone: Achievement List

  1. Awesome! Comix Zone is still blisteringly difficult after all these years, though. Good luck anyone who tries it out!

  2. Of course I would find this out right after downloading both Altered Beast and Comix Zone on my WII!!!! I’ll still get them both for 360, but I won’t like it.

  3. avatar Quraishi

    Also Marvel vs Capcom!

  4. I’ve never been able to beat the first page of Comix zone…

  5. Just looking at the picture, it looks pretty cool. I am going to have to look up some gameplay for these games.

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