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World Of Warcraft: gaming’s most addictive drug. With millions of users logging on each and every day, getting any kind of game that users can play while they wait for people to build up a party, or are looking for a break from the last few hours of raiding, what would be better than playing another addictive game? WoW Insider got to take a hands on look with Peggle: World Of Warcraft Edition.

Like Bejeweled, PopCap has hit the nail on the head again and supported a new version of Peggle: Warcraft Edition. This new version will feature new skins, duel mode, new Peggle masters and ‘’Talent Points”. Talent points will be used to unlock new features and items in game.

- Quick Play mode with 12 stages based on major locations in WoW.
- Two Peggle masters, alongside a Peggle Talent Tree!
- Duel Mode: Compete in a quick match against other players!
- Battle Mode: Create custom leaderboards for friends and guildmates!
- /peggleloot: A hilarious new way to “roll” for loot! Best shot gets the item!

The talent points will be able to unlock new features in game. Being the golden price of free it’s no surprise that Peggle: Warcraft Edition is already a hit amongst the Peggle and Warcraft faithful.

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  1. Sounds like a few people won’t be having to leave their computer for damned near anything.

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